The Project

The Azores Five Project was born in the island of São Miguel, in 2018, and is dedicated to Tourist Services, in a commitment to the Azores. That said, our main prerogative is preserving the Azorean identity and essence, as well as to contribute to the development of the region.

If the Azores are lands of legends and utopias, our audacity has led us to unite our efforts in implementing a project which is in its essence a product of our own dreams.

Made up of bold and adventurous Azorean people, aware of hospitality customs, the project of the Azores Five Project begins with the acquisition of a local housing, the Vintage Place – Azores Guest House, situated right in the urban center of the city of Ponta Delgada, with a tradition of hospitality, offering its guests a family comfort and well-being.

Maintaining predominance in the tourist sector, the objectives are consolidating and spreading the brand, supplying it with the necessary capacities for the development of new services which may be available to all, tracing a continuous and prosperous path.

The Team

The Five elements of Azores Five Project – Tourist Services, Lda. form a group of diverse personalities, trainings and thoughts. The harmonious shape of the pentagon and the cohesion of its colours reveal the union of destinies, ideas and goals. The colours represent a bit of each member which, in their differences, make up a living spectrum of audacity and harmony among the capabilities and idiosyncrasies which define them individually, but that embody the whole.


The Azores Five Project – Tourist Services, Lda., is based in honesty, in the ambition of creating value, in the delivery of a quality service to the client and in sustainability.

We work to show the best of Azores and contribute to the dignification and appreciation of this tourist destiny.

We focus in allying tradition, well-being, comfort and innovation.

We value personal and professional dignity of our employees and our guests.

We follow market tendencies, sustainability policies and environmental protection.

Your opinion is important to us

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