Accommodation Management

GuestHouse – Azorean Property Management is a brand of the company Azores Five Project – Serviços Turísticos, Lda, which is dedicated to the management of real estate assets, with special focus on the short-term rental market for tourists.

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Remodeling and preparation of the property for licensing

The genesis of the GuestHouse brand, from the idea to the conception, arises with special focus on the non-resident client, hence the development of the remodeling service and preparation of the property for licensing. However, it applies to every property owner, who wishes to license it to Local Accommodation, without having to worry and deal with the process.

In addition to all the monitoring carried out by the GuestHouse – Azorean Property Management team, for the provision of this service, it has two partnerships, namely: preparation of the remodeling project and supply of the material and realization of the necessary works.

Regarding the preparation of the project, the partnership with Nest Design stands out Studio and includes special conditions for owners.

Nest Design Studio operates in the areas of Interior Design and Architecture. It provides different services from specialized consulting to the elaboration of execution projects, including furniture and equipment design.

It acts specifically in the remodeling and rehabilitation of spaces in the areas of housing, business, and public spaces. It creates unique spaces and environments, where it highlights and values the qualities of the environment in which it intervenes, making it personalized for each client, with appropriate solutions to its exploration, seeking harmony, fluidity, and comfort in the permanence in the spaces.

Regarding the supply of the material and realization of the necessary works, it is worth mentioning the partnership with J. Freitas – Materiais de Construção Civil, Lda, which attributes benefits to GuestHouse customers.

Freitas – Materiais de Construção Civil, Lda supplies the material and performs the works according to the project designed and approved by the owner.

Company that sells and distributes construction materials for finishes, accessories and bathroom and kitchen accessories, DIY items, hand, and power tools.

It also performs painting work, assembly of doors, pladures, among other services of small intervention.

Local Accommodation Licensing

If you have a property and want to make the most of it, choose to license it as Local Accommodation.

Licensing an AL requires a series of procedures and documents, which can be streamlined with knowledge of the legislation in force.

If you want to do so, talk to Guesthouse – Azorean Property Management, which already has experience in this activity.

GuestHouse will give you all the necessary information and, if you understand, will follow the licensing process with you or by you, from the beginning.

From Santa Maria to Corvo, licensing your property for short-term accommodation to tourists through GuestHouse services will be a quick and practical process, which will provide the return as soon as possible.

In addition, even if you are not a resident, but a property owner in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, do not hesitate to contact GuestHouse. With new technologies, the whole process can be handled remotely.

Reservation management

The effective and automated management of all property bookings managed by GuestHouse – Azorean Property Management, is based on the subscription of the Ynnovbooking Platform (Channel Manager) – a local accommodation management platform, with an extensive range of functionalities, which allows to increase the profitability of the accommodations.

It aggregates functionalities such as: calendars, maps, statistics (SREA), guest information and exchange of communication with them, automatic communication to SEF, information for housekeeping, maintenance of properties, billing system, sending SAFT file, among others.

With different types of access, according to the functions of the team, the owners also have access to the information of their Accommodation.

Disclosure of the property on the website

In parallel with the disclosure and promotion of your Local Accommodation on the booking platforms defined when the contract was concluded, such as: Booking, Airbnb, among others, your property will also have the promotion on the website of GuestHouse –, which allows visitors to choose and book a stay in your accommodation.

Disclosure on booking platforms

GuestHouse – Azorean Property Management, creates the listings of the properties it manages in different booking channels, from the most common to the most specific, according to the guest profile that best suits the typology and characteristics of your property.

Price management, based on regular market research

To ensure the highest profitability of the properties, GuestHouse – Azorean Property Management regularly prepares market studies, which compare the prices of the accommodation industry in the region and, consequently, allows to define the best prices for the accommodations.

Check in /check out

Guesthouse – Azorean Property Management has a team prepared to welcome and check-in and check-out guests with quality, regardless of whether it is in person and / or online.

At any time and in previous articulation with the guest, check-in is carried out, ensuring that all information is provided, and hospitality is unequivocal.

Customer support

From booking to post-Check-Out, the team at Guesthouse – Azorean Property Management ensures the accompaniment to the guest, so that the stay is a pleasant experience, without constraints and that it is an opportunity to collect unforgettable moments.

Cleaning/laundry service

Guesthouse – Azorean Property Management has a team prepared to carry out the cleaning of the properties it manages, with rigor and based on the hygiene and cleaning standards defined for the Local Accommodations.

In addition, it ensures the laundry service of all textiles, so that the guest when entering the property, feels the aroma of cleanliness and hygiene.

Tour and transfer booking service

After booking, guests receive an automatic message with the existing activities on the island and the specialized packs for various types of experiences.

The car rental service is also available from the partner companies.

At the same time and to expedite the whole process, the same offer is presented by telephone contact, which most of the time, facilitates a series of searches by the guest.

It is one of the most appreciated services by those who book in the properties managed by Guesthouse – Azorean Property Management.

Welcome Box

Upon arrival at the accommodation, guests will find a Welcome Box, composed of regional products. As a treat, the Welcome Box is prepared in advance by the Guesthouse – Azorean Property Management team with great care.

In this way, and if they do not consume the products, they will be able to take with them a little of our region.

Provision of manual with general information and maps

In all properties a document is available in bilingual, with the general information about the accommodation, the most important services and close to the area, as well as the telephone contacts that may be necessary.

Tourist maps are also available, so that the guests can explore the island without difficulty.